Ralph Lauren New York fashion show

This is the 50th anniversary celebration of the Ralph Lauren brand. Of course, it costs everything. For this landmark event, the venue was set up on New York’s Central Park’s ornate Bethesda terrace with dramatic LED displays, steaks from Lauren’s own Colorado ranch and a unique guest list.

Hilllary Clinton (Hillary Clinton) also came wearing a light blue silk with guards on both sides. Kanye West, Martha Stewart, and American fashion legends Calvin Klein and Donna Karan are all here.

But it was Oprah Winfrey who got up to offer a toast, pointing out Ralph Lauren’s important role in American culture. A self-made billionaire pays tribute to another self-made millionaire.

“After moving to Chicago, I earn enough to pay the rent. And there’s still a little bit left, and I feel very successful, “she said.” To celebrate success, I didn’t choose to buy a limousine, art or jewelry. That was what I started later. I thought, to celebrate my accomplishments, to be sure of what I had done, was to buy a towel from Ralph Lauren… That’s what I’ve been longing for for more than 10 years.

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