Ralph Lauren Represents American Culture

The most important quality of Americans is to make the most of their talents and push them to the extreme with what they have. Ralph Lauren is the designer who has the most American quality.

On the day of BAZAAR’s visit, Lauren also showed some pictures of upcoming women’s wear series. This will be his eighty-eighth fashion show and the fiftieth year of his luxurious design. However, he had no intention of slowing down or abandoning the idea of design. On the contrary, he was thrilled that the show would be his reinterpretation and combination of standards.

At Ralph Lauren’s 50th Anniversary celebration, the personality and aesthetics that have inspired different themes in his creations over the past 50 years are fully displayed. At the same time, this is the first time that Ralph Lauren has released such a wide range of collections together – women’s collection, double RL men’s series and Polo Ralph Lauren men’s, women’s and children’s wear series.

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