Ralph Lauren Luxury high-end digital flagship store

Ralph Lauren is world-renowned for his classic luxury style. Since 1967, he has defined American fashion with distinctive and elegant design, and built a remarkable brand spirit with impeccable craftsmanship and meticulous detail. The online flagship stores will include Ralph Lauren’s top-end Purple Label men’s and Collection women’s suits, Polo’s, shoes, handbags, suitcases and leather goods, as well as the classic Ricky Bag inspired by and named after Ralph Lauren’s wife.

Ralph Lauren continues to promote its social commerce strategy by launching the official online flagship store. The activation of Weixin applets can greatly capture, attract and serve young consumers on China’s largest social platform. Recognizing the importance of mobile digitization as a priority culture and the popularity of Wechat, the online stores of Wechat widgets will support Wechat payments, and customers can enjoy thoughtful and efficient customer service through online chat via Wechat. Customers can register and login directly with their WeChat account, and use Alipay, WeChat and cash on delivery to settle accounts. As part of the high-end online shopping experience, Ralph Lauren also supports free online and mainland store refunds. Consumers in Shanghai can also enjoy the express delivery service of “Zhi Da” and the gift packaging and custom gift card service.

Ralph Lauren Group has worked for more than 50 years to build Ralph Lauren and Polo Ralph Lauren brands around the world. The only way to ensure that consumers can buy truly new Ralph Lauren products is through our authorized retail channels. Real Ralph Lauren products can be purchased directly from the Ralph Lauren brand store (click here to find a specialty store near you), the official online flagship store of Ralph Lauren. CN in China, and some third-party dealers. Ralph Lauren’s products are not sold through other channels, such as personal names, online auctions and flea markets. The Ralph Lauren products sold in these channels may be counterfeit or stolen goods.

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