Ralph Lauren launches mobile apps

Ralph Lauren’s positioning for the new APP is to build an online community around polo shirt sales, company brands, and second-hand deals.

Overall, POLO offers more exclusive content about branding and design, joins Ralph Lauren’s channels of communication with consumers, and hopes to attract users in e-commerce.

Therefore, in addition to the E-Commerce attribute, POLO APP also adds more content and interactive functions, hoping that users and brands have more communication.

This part includes articles about brand history and exclusive behind the scenes pictures. The Boy from The Bronx, for example, explains how baseball affects the lives and work of New York designers. At the same time, the story behind the exhibition of 50 Years of Reflection will be displayed on POLO.

In the interactive section, POLO sets the function of voting and a Ask Ralph. Ask Ralph is designed to encourage users to ask questions to the brand’s founder, who picks a few answers a week.

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