Ralph Lauren Purple Label 2018 autumn series

Among the highland themes, there are also two classic Ralph Lauren styles – one with a black turtleneck embroidered with Mr. Ralph Lauren’s silhouette, the other with a dress shirt and a western belt and jeans – that Mr. Ralph Lauren himself loves.

The simplicity of the British countryside, the hunting and outdoor activities of the traditional aristocracy, through the RLX technology, in this season’s design is the ultimate interpretation. Down jacket and mixed nylon pullover, sheepskin coat and tweed suit, so that the series take into account the modern temperament and wear function. Autumn idyllic colors such as olive green and Navy blue, combined with bright orange-red, are even more impressive in a delicate and luxurious texture, including a suede trouser outfit with a Mix-Color high-neck shirt and nylon Parker coat, and orange “RLX” belt buckle to give the finishing touch. Some models are also matched with hand polished leather boots trimmed with Nordic style shoe edges, which really emphasize both fashion and real wear.

In addition, a group of sportswear patterns and tailored suits will be mixed and overlapped in the shape, highlighting the characteristics of subtlety and competence, the use of grey and carbon grey play with the same color system. Window panes, thousand-bird lattices, Scottish lattices and squares are delicately displayed on the suit surface, making the overall style more delicate, such as bird’s eye pattern cashmere shirt jacket with Fair Island knitted cardigan, inner shirt and tie, with pleated wide-legged trousers. Cashmere knitted fabrics cover different grams of weight, from thick to light seasonal changes, the choice is very rich, easy to meet the different needs of autumn dress.

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