Ralph Lauren sued Apolo for infringement on its polos in China

According to Ralph Lauren, the US Polo Company and its Chinese licensees and distributors falsely advertised as affiliated retailers of Ralph Lauren, rapidly expanding the number of their stores and selling products with Ralph Lauren’s POLO logo and other related trademarks, as well as using the POLO trade name and commercial appearance, “this is a group. It infringes our company’s intellectual property rights in China.

“U.S. Polo has openly misled Chinese consumers by using our iconic brands to provide consumers with unauthorized products that are identical to or very similar to our products and that are easily confusing, and highly mimic our iconic Polo rider logo,” said Ralph Lauren Senior Vice President and General Counsel Avery. Fischer says.

Ralph Lauren accused American Polo and its Chinese licensees and distributors of selling a wide range of products through at least 60 unauthorized stores called POLO SPORT, “including clothing, accessories, handbags and luggage, and many other products misled as our brand, while falsely promoting these POLO SPORT stores as our company in the middle.” Authorized retailers of the state. ” Most of these unauthorized POLO SPORT stores are operated by the licensee of the American Polo Company, Shanghai Ruifa Garments Co., Ltd.

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